Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Loss

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that more than a third of adults in the United States struggle with obesity and related health issues. Thankfully, growing awareness has made room for the field of obesity medicine, which is entirely focused on providing thorough care to people with weight-related issues. Doctors provide tailored care plans that include science-based approaches unique to each patient. They include a variety of diet, exercise, counseling, and medication plans that aim to help you lose weight and become healthier overall. Dr. VanSickle is one of the few board certified obesity medicine specialist.

Obesity is not a disease with a miracle cure or a quick and easy fix. We will work with you to decide what the best plan for you to have long-term success. Your plan will be adjusted to your gender, age, health challenges, your lifestyle, and more.

Weight management is a journey, and it requires ongoing treatment. At the first consultation we learn about your eating habits, assess for underlying eating disorders, your body composition as well review your laboratory tests. We will identify additional health conditions and will work with your existing provider. You may meet criteria to start FDA proved medical therapy or will be referred for weight loss surgery.